Will Rap 4 Weed: A Documentary Portrait

You need to know how legalization of Medical Cannabis effects you. Terminally ill patients are being thrown in jail for their remaining days on earth, an inconceivable trauma, until it happens to you or someone you love. These patients have a doctor recommending the medicine they are being locked away for.  How inhumane and unjust.

Lyris has a sign that reads “Will Rap 4 Weed” because she believes in protecting medical professionals who give you, their patients, the best treatment for their conditions.  She fights to protect terminally ill patients from incarceration, and she fights to enforce laws that protect the sick.

As a patient, Lyris understands the urgent needs to change the law.  So, she took a vow of poverty in 2010 to intentionally keep her overhead low to maximize the resources available  for changes that need to be made.

This documentary portrait  shows the daily life of an activist living out of her car, depending on the kindness of strangers who believe in the movement to progress.  If one woman can accomplish this task, imagine what YOU are capable of.

Filmed by Marielle and Sophie from the Rice University Film School.